3 Reasons Why You Should Seal Sepsis Bundles

8th Sep 2020

Having the equipment you need to deliver the sepsis 6 in a pre-prepared bundle has been demonstrated to improve patient outcomes. Due to this Distinctive Medical has developed […]

Standardise the Storage of Emergency Enhanced PPE

16th Jul 2020

As clinical services adapt to a host of new changes in practice Distinctive Medical are working with our customers to provide practical and affordable solutions that enhance both […]

COVID- 19 Signage

23rd Mar 2020

As the demand for hospitals increases as the suspected cases of COVID- 19 cases grow the day to day running of several healthcare departments have now changed. Some […]

Job Vacancy: Sales Support Specialist

5th Nov 2019

Overall Purpose To process sales orders via inbound calls, emails and the website together with the provision of product information and query/enquiry handling in a professional manner, ensuring […]

medical labels

Benefits of labelling in healthcare

23rd Jul 2019

In healthcare clear communication is vital within clinical teams, this communication shouldn’t stop when it comes to medication or equipment. The biggest benefit of medical labelling is that […]

how to treat sepsis faster - distinctive medical

How to treat sepsis faster

4th Apr 2019

The sepsis six was devised by The UK Sepsis Trust back in 2006. Since then the understanding of this condition has grown extensively not only with clinicians but […]