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Introducing our new Sepsis Trolley that can be configured to your processes and standardised across your department and sites, ensuring staff are familiar with your Sepsis 6 processes. Refilling the trolley encourages familiarity with the equipment and its presence in any department raises awareness of Sepsis 6 and reassuring patients of easy access to vital equipment. All of our square trolleys come with a 5-year warranty.


  • Trolley designed around treating Sepsis in acute areas
  • Work surface made from HDPE polymer plastic
  • Helps to deliver the Sepsis Six, includes drawer labels
    • OXYGEN
    • I.V FLUIDS
  • Trolley Measures 480mm W x 480mm D x 1018mm H
  • Drawers fitted with either key lock (to be used with a security
    clamp) or tamper proof seal lock
  • Optional Universal stainless steel sharps bin holder ( fits most
    brands of sharps bins )
  • Also available with Sharpsmart® sharps bin holders
  • Optional Accessories available: Sharps Bin Holder, Oxygen Tank Holder, Security Clamp

Security Clamps

  • Allows the trolley to be secured to the “structure” of the building
  • Requires no additional keys
  • One end is secured to the wall permanently the other end inserts into trolley drawers before locking trolley closed
  • Should be installed at the correct height for the trolley


Height (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)

Important Note:

It is a UK requirement that when a trolley is not in use it should be secured to the “structure” of the building. “ Safe & Secure Handling of Medicines – RPS, GB – March 2005



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