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Trolleys by Department

Browse your trolleys by department.

Take a look at our trolleys by department. We stock trolleys that meet the needs of all the core hospital departments and functions. Find trolleys in this category that work for a wide range of situations from storing several pieces of medical equipment to patient notes.

See the extensive choice of accessories and customisation options that are available with many of our trolleys. This allows you to only choose the features necessary for each specific department or patient’s needs. Customisation options are available to work in line with hospital standardisation.

Feel confident when ordering trolleys with us as many come with guarantees reflecting the trust we have for these products.

You will also find computer carts in this department that are ideal for bedside documentation and physician rounds.

Trolleys can be made tamper-evident with our range of seals. We are aware at Distinctive Medical of the importance of tamper-evident products to keep both patients and staff as safe as possible. 

Whether you need a trolley for your A&E department, a critical care trolley, informatics trolleys, MRI trolleys, a resuscitation trolley, a theatre trolley, or a ward trolley we have you covered at Distinctive Medical! 

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