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Medical Trolleys

At Distinctive Medical, we have one of the best and widest ranges of medical trolleys in the UK.

With our range you’re sure to discover a product that is ideal in your application. We are specialists in customising trolleys to suit precise specifications, thus supporting your needs. Distinctive Medical have medical trolleys for everyone. No matter if you need an easy dressing trolley or you’re seeking to standardise your emergency resuscitation equipment. Tamper Evident seals can secure our trolleys. The use of seals offers you complete peace-of-mind over the integrity of your contents. 

Whether you require a Specialist, A&E, Critical Care, Resuscitation or Theatre Trolley, we delivery anything you could need in your medical setting. What’s more, we only work alongside the leading market manufacturers producing the best products. We are passionate on delivering the very best quality all of the time. Our trolleys are delivered assembled & equipped making them ready for instant use, saving you and your department valuable man hours. 

Want more information on our Medical Trolleys? Our friendly, informed customer service team are on hand from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. You can email us on info@distinctivemedical.com, call us on 01928 571801 or jump on our live chat!

Looking for a better way to check your medical trolley? MyKitCheck was developed to help keep you compliant in the most straight-forward way possible. 


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Bespoke Service

At Distinctive Medical, we do not just supply a medical trolley. We supply you with the exact medical trolley that you need. Whether you require bespoke draw labels or a niche medical trolley accessory, we have seen and done it all. medical trolleys


Looking for a better way to check your medical trolley? MyKitCheck was developed to help keep your medical trolley compliant in the most straight-forward way possible.