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Specialist Trolleys

We stock a wide range of specialist trolleys suitable for different medical needs. Order a trolley that suits your demands without compromise, by selecting from a choice of packages or customisation options. Working with market leading brands to ensure all trolleys are of the highest quality. The guarantees of the trolleys showcases their quality. All trolleys are delivered fully assembled & ready for immediate use, thus saving you valuable time. We are also on hand to help if you have any issues with your trolleys down the line. 

If you’re working in the community or looking for a storage solution with lighter manoeuvrability our emergency trolley bag is great option. It features everything you would expect from a trolley including easy equipment access and dedicated spaces for vital pieces of equipment.

For additional security to any of the specialist trolleys we offer a range of tamper-evident seals. They allow bring added assurance in the safety of the contents in the trolley and save time on daily checks.

Feel like you need some more information? If so feel free to give us a call on 01928 571801 or visit our contact us page. If not, feel free to browse the specialist trolleys range below!

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