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Medical Labels

Benefits of Medical Labels

The biggest benefit of using medical labels is that it creates a system that everyone can understand. Labels create clear and concise communication, whether that is to state the contents of a syringe or to give a warning message with no ambiguity. This ensures both clinical and non-clinical staff understand how to deal with items or situations they may come across whilst working.

In a pharmacy different drugs that look almost identical to one another are stored close together with similarly spelt names. This opens up so much opportunity to make a simple mistake with impactful results. However, there is a simple way to decrease the risks of human error mistakes through clear labelling.

Our Labels

Our range of medical labels are all produced by our in-house artwork and printing department. From syringe labels to sterile labels, we have a wide range of medical labels available as standard.

Our ability to design and print unique labels excels us from other suppliers. We can create labels to your exact specification. So, whether you know exactly what you require on your drug labels or would like to work with our professional artwork team, we can find the right solution for you. 

Keep your labels tidy and organised with one of our innovative, one-touch label dispensers. These are provided free-of-charge for every drug label order of more than twenty units.

Using our labels allows for error prevention, meaning you can avoid the risk of unlabeled medications and other communication breakdowns. This risk elimination keeps patients safer. The labels are extremely easy to use leaving no residue and making for less mess and less waste. 

Can’t see quite what you’re looking for? Not to worry, you can create custom labels with us!