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Product Information

The Avalo Resuscitation Trolley is unique in the UK market and one of the biggest selling Carts in the world. Along with its unique tamper-evident locking system, choose from a long list of accessories to customise each Resuscitation Trolley to your specific needs.

The Avalo Resuscitation Trolleys unique breakaway locking system can save you thousands of £’s each year in man-hours alone.

Equipped to support staff in an emergency with its light yet strong structure for the best manoeuvrability, through to the unique anti-tamper locking handle that allows for fast access to equipment making it one of the most innovative on the market.

The trolley is modular in design so can be configured and organised to match your hospital’s requirements. Drawer dividers ensure each piece of equipment has its own place for easy location. Available in three sizes with a range of accessories to enhance user efficiency and support team performance.

To top it off the Avalo Resuscitation Trolley comes with a 10 Year Warranty for your peace of mind.

Check out our Emergency Resuscitation Trolley video below to learn more.


Optional Accessories

  • Oxygen Tank Bracket
  • Catheter Holders – 3 sizes
  • Sharps Bin Holder
  • Laerdal Suction Unit charging plate
  • IV Pole
  • 4 gang electrical socket
  • Extendable writing surface
  • Glove Box Holders – single, double or triple
  • Defibrillator Shelf
  • Drawer Labels
  • Drawer Dividers
  • Resuscitation Trolley Floor Talkers
  • BUS STOP style locater signs

Please note that all accessories are purchased additionally to customise to your individual requirements.

Seal your trolley with the Distinctive Medical numbered Baby Seal and simply check its number against MyKitCheck the compliance management platform or a check book as opposed to checking the entire contents of your trolley.
This can save up to 1h 30 mins in man-hours per trolley per day! Not only saving on man-hours but reducing the risk of a security breach and improving your tamper evidence procedures.


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