3 Reasons Why You Should Seal Sepsis Bundles

Having the equipment you need to deliver the sepsis 6 in a pre-prepared bundle has been demonstrated to improve patient outcomes. Due to this Distinctive Medical has developed a range of sepsis storage solutions so equipment can be on standby and ready for use at all times, so when sepsis has been identified treatment can begin immediately. However, this is only possible when the integrity of the kit is maintained. Here are three benefits of sealing sepsis bundles:

1 – Speeds Up Treatment Time

Sepsis is a time-critical condition with aspects of treatment that must begin immediately upon presentation in a patient with clinical elements suspicious for sepsis or septic shock. To avoid losing any time at this vital stage having equipment stored in a sealed container means the integrity of the kit remains and staff can be confident it is fully stocked and ready for use immediately.

2 – Deters Unwarranted Access

Sepsis equipment should ideally be stored somewhere easily accessible, but this can make it a tempting option if needing to dip into supplies for another use. An unsealed bag also provides no deterrent to stop anyone unauthorised from opening it. Using a numbered seal and keeping a log of it creates an audit trail. Tracking numbers will alert staff immediately when carrying out checks if there has been unauthorised access even if the seal has been replaced as the numbers will not correlate with what is logged.

Sepsis Trolley is compatible with Handy Padlock Seals that are available numbered or unnumbered in a range of colour options.

Sepsis Box is compatible with Handy Padlock Seals and Pull Tight Seals both are available numbered or unnumbered in a choice of colours.

Sepsis Bag is compatible with a PS4 seal that is numbered and comes in five colour options.

3 – Creates a Clear Communication System

Using security seals gives you the option to create a colour-coded communication system that clearly displays the status of the kit. Most commonly a green seal is used to show all equipment is fully stocked and an amber or red seal communicates stock has been used and needs to be replenished. All the seals that are compatible with our sepsis storage solutions are available in a range of colours.

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