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The Makings Of A Good Medical Trolley

The Makings Of A Good Medical Trolley.

Healthcare equipment is always progressing and modernising, and one of the critical pieces of equipment in any hospital is the medical trolley. But what makes certain trolleys better than others? This article will explain what exactly you should look for when procuring new trolleys for your hospital.



Medical trolleys play a truly critical role within the healthcare environment as they allow professionals to not only securely store, access, and move medications but ensure the safety and integrity of medical records, and essential pieces of equipment wherever it is needed.

So, let us dive straight into what actually makes for a good medical trolley.


Durable & Long-Lasting

The first one may seem a little obvious. The structure of the trolley provides longevity of use and with that comes longer warranties, Our Emergency Resus Trolleys, for example, come with a minimum 10-year warranty. Tightening budgets within the medical industry means that products need to be long-lasting to ensure maximum value of the product. Investigate the material that a trolley is made from. Look out for durable polymer plastic or stainless steel.

Lockable & Tamper-Proof

Patient and staff safety always has to be the number one priority. Using a trolley that isn’t lockable and tamper-proof puts both at unnecessary risk.

If a trolley was tampered with, a drug was changed over or taken out and not replaced, the repercussions could be huge. The solution is so simple, having lockable and sealable trolleys provides healthcare staff with the peace of mind that the trolley is fit for purpose.

Customisable & Adaptable

Requirements are different in each hospital and each department. A good medical trolley should be customisable, where one hospital may need 4 drawers and an oxygen tank holder, and another may need 5 drawers and an IV pole, for example. The point is, having the flexibility to customise a trolley to your own requirements allows you to provide the best level of care for a patient.

Easy To Clean

Cleanliness is unsurprisingly important in the healthcare setup. Having Medical Trolleys that are easy to keep clean is essential. Stainless Steel or Polymer Plastic for example are easy to wipe down and provides for safer and more effective use of equipment. The Northern Ireland Regional Infection Prevention & Control Manual states that healthcare workers should “Clean trolley with detergent and water or detergent wipe daily. Before each use disinfect surfaces with 70% alcohol wipe”. Therefore, it is important to have a trolley that is easy to clean.

Medical trolleys are pivotal to running a smooth medical set-up. As we previously discussed, trolleys are responsible for safely storing medication and other pieces of vital equipment. A trolley with all of the above characteristics can greatly affect you and your staff’s day-to-day operations which makes choosing the right one an important decision.


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