The Safer Way to Snap Ampoules

Ampoules are used every day in hospitals and while healthcare workers often receive training on techniques to open them, the chances of them shattering and causing significant harm remain high. In fact, one in three healthcare workers has experienced at least one ampoule injury during their career. If an injury occurs as a result of one shattering it can open up a range of considerable risks including cuts that require medical attention, developing an infection and permanent damage to tendons.

With so many potential hazards associated with snapping ampoules if you are still solely reliant on techniques such as the alcohol wipe method, it could be time to look for a safer alternative. Distinctive Medical offer disposable ampoule breakers that minimise the prospect of harm and make the process more efficient.

Here are three key reasons why you should consider switching:

1 -Reduces Risk of Shattering

The product fits most ampoule sizes and minimises contact with sharp edges as the breaker holds the ampoule top. The disposable option also offers a gentler alternative to metal ampoule breakers which still have a higher probability of shattering compared to plastic.

2 – Minimises Contamination

Taking measures to reduce the risk of injury from an ampoule, in turn, minimises the risk of contamination to the drug it holds. If a person sustains an injury from opening an ampoule, their blood could come into contact with the drug stored inside and contaminate it.

3 – Affordable Way to Increase Safety

The most common practice for opening ampoules gives the person snapping it no protection at all. The minimal cost of each ampoule breaker is easily offset by the potential outcomes should one shatter, ranging from the price of the wasted drugs to the expense of staff being off work while they recover from an injury.

If you want to try the safer way to snap ampoules for yourself contact us to order your free sample and find out more about the disposable ampoule breaker here.