Lockable Thermostat Cover for 18747 or 18748

Product SKU: 18787

  • Lockable Thermostat Cover is designed for specific HCL Under Counter/Countertop Refrigerators #18747 and 18748.
  • Clear/White acrylic cover helps control refrigerator thermostat settings so only authorized personnel can change the temperature. Covers also help protect temperature-sensitive contents from unauthorized changes in temperature.
  • Tamperproof covers adhere to refrigerator wall with heavy-duty two-sided tape. Covers are difficult to remove once installed.
  • Use key padlock (with two keys), combination padlock or a security seal (all sold separately) to secure covers and restrict access.
  • Padlocks can be engraved and security seals imprinted with an identification number, instructions, department name, telephone number, etc. HCL Thermostat Covers can be imprinted or labeled with

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