Small Hinged Door Locking Refrigerator Box, Keyless Entry Digital Lock

Product SKU: 17843

Small Hinged Door Locking Refrigerator Box with Keyless Entry Digital Lock.

  • Clear acrylic material allows easy viewing of contents.
  • Keyless entry digital lock provides instant security and controlled access to contents.
  • Four-digit code required for access. Code can be changed as needs or personnel change.
  • Designed to fit in dorm-style refrigerators and for those facilities that do not have access to full-size refrigerators.
  • Self-locking nuts with bolts, adjustable metal mounting brackets and double-sided tape are included.
  • Overall Dimensions:
    12 “W x 4-1/4 “H x 6 “D
    (305mm x 108mm x 152mm)

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