Stackable Locking Refrigerator Cassette, 5-Drawer

Product SKU: 18539

  • Stackable, individually locking refrigerator cassettes keep temperature-sensitive meds organized and secure.
  • Three-drawer and Five-drawer drug boxes are for storing refrigerated pharmaceuticals. Available with Clear or White frames. Specify color when ordering.
  • Three-drawer locking drug storage box is also available (#18538).
  • Each drawer has a cam lock and is keyed differently.
  • Clear cassettes make it easy to view contents even when the cassette is locked.
  • Both styles stack interchangeably.
  • Overall Dimensions:
    Three-Drawer Cassette: 17-5⁄8″W x 3-15⁄16″H x 11-3⁄16″D
    Bins for Three-Drawer Cassettes: 5-3⁄16″W x 3″H x 10-9⁄16″D
    Five-Drawer Cassette: 17-5⁄8″W x 3-15⁄16″H x 11-3⁄16″D
    Bins for Five-Drawer Cassettes: 3-3⁄16″W x 3″H x 10-9⁄16″D

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