Compact Cold Chain Vaccine Transportation Bag

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The Compact Cold Chain Vaccine Transportation Bag is a medicine and vaccine carrier that is ideal for transporting cold chain items short distances such as between wards or clinics.

This insulated bag is designed for the transportation of chilled products and extending the time between 2-8°C. With a new design, the vaccine bag designs bring improvements on durability, infection control properties, insulation and handling.

This bag is made from a durable 250D tarpaulin that wipes clean, waterproof, antibacterial. antistatic and antifungal. It features high-quality metal fittings with two waterproof  YKK zips which can be sealed together to make the bag tamper evident. This added security option allows for optimum confidence when transporting medications to different locations.

The bag externally features a data logger and identity compartment that is secured and transparent. Internally the bag has a zip flap to prevent cool air releasing, an additional clear lid with hand slip-in sleeve and thick insulation pillow to keep temperatures cooler for longer.

Extensive Independent testing has been conducted and full reports are available upon request. Tests show contents remain below 8°C for 1hr 15 minutes when no coolant used.

We always advise using coolant to extend cold chain timings, especially for these smaller bags. It should be noted that time contents remain below 8°C will vary depending on the load, ambient temperature, quantity and positioning of the coolant and temperature of contents when loaded. It is always advised to use a data logger to continually measure the temperature of contents.

This cold chain storage system can be used to store temperature-sensitive medications such as antibiotics, eye drops and vaccines.

Internal Dimensions: W355 x D245 x H60mm

External Dimensions: W370 x D270 x H110mm

Insulation Thickness: 45mm

Estimated capacity: 20 HPV packs – without the use of gel packs/ coolants

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