Transport Cooler

Product SKU: 20185 /20186

Our Transport Cooler is available in 2 sizes.

  • Good In, Bad Out – Confidently transport temperature-sensitive meds without fear of patient safety compliance failures or leaks. Sturdy latches and a leak-resistant gasket provide a tight seal that keeps cold in and prevents spills from escaping out.
  • Durable – Transport often results in wear and tear that can compromise your container, but this heavy-duty plastic shell is built tough to handle it.
  • Lock Option – Protect contents by using a security seal (not included) through the seal latches.
  • Dimensions –
    • Small (product code 20185) – 6.5l – 338 x 282 x 220mm
    • Large (product code 20186) – 15l – 420 x 325 x 284mm

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