10 litre Small Cold Chain / Vaccine Transportation Bag

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    The Small Cold Chain/ Vaccine Transportation Bag is a lightweight medical cool bag designed to keep medications and vaccines at their necessary temperatures whilst in transit.

    With high-quality metal fittings, internal padding and an insulation thickness of 45mm you can be confident that what you store in this bag will remain well protected whilst travelling. The bag also comes with one internal thermal separator for added cushioning and an adjustable shoulder strap that clips to the side of the bag. The bag is secured with two zips that can be locked together with barcoded or numbered tamper-resistant seals for added assurance.

    On the top of the bag, there is a large clear window where information such as contents information or delivery address can be displayed.

    The temperature of the bag rises at a rate of 0.25°C per hour. This number can differ depending on the internal temperature of the product and external ambient temperature. By adding gel packs the bag can be kept cooler for longer.

    This bag is ideal for all medications and vaccines that need to stay cool whilst travelling.

  • Internal Dimensions: W350 x D230 x H170mm
  • External Dimensions: W400 x D280 x H220mm
  • Empty Weight: 0.90kg
  • Insulation Thickness: 45mm

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