VX35 Powered Workstation

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The VX Powered Hospital & Healthcare Computer Cart Line

Powered Computer CartBased upon important feedback from clinical and health IT professionals worldwide, Capsa created the VX Hospital Computer Cart line to offer you a full-featured, powered cart that promotes superior configuration based on the application. This flexibility within the VX line lets you configure the cart with your preferred choice of computing hardware powered by a proven system that maximises overall computer cart up-time.

The VX mobile computing cart line offers maximum flexibility and a superior features / value relationship to make sure you get the most out of your computer cart program budget.

  • Capsa VX Computing carts provide an open platform design and accommodates the latest hardware solutions, including all-in-one PC’s, laptops, thin-clients, and tablets
  •  Ergonomic adjustability is simple with a host of design features including tilting keyboard and Capsa’s LiftAssist™ height adjustment
  •  Antimicrobial surfaces support your infection control program
  •  Small footprint and slim profile ensure simple manoeuvring throughout the facility
  •  Single-wheel casters promote smooth travel with each model including (​1) locking and (1) tracking caster standard
  • Flexibility to configure workstation with storage drawers including 3”, 6”, or 9” depths
  • A host of drawer security options including basic key access or keyless PIN with auto-relockCapsa’s robust PowerWatch™ software provides a real-time view into the power system health of your mobile computer carts 
  •  24/7 Customer and Technical Service provide clinical and IT teams the support they deserve


For IT Healthcare Professionals


  • Open platform for accommodating a wide range of software and hardware solutions
  • Powerful battery with 480 watt-hours of usable power integrated power conditioning system
  • Locking secure storage drawers for medication security
  • Integrated USB hub, plus other advanced features making it an ideal I.T. solution
  • An logical mobile medical computing solution for Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Long Term Care Facilities
  •  Unique PowerWatch™ remote workstation management systems which is ideal for fleet management Hospital and clinical healthcare I.T. solutions.





For Nurses

  • Stable, trim-line footprint for simple manoeuvrability
  • Ultra-lightweight design for easy navigation to the point-of-care
  • Configurable, secure storage area for supplies and meds full selection of convenience accessories and options for enhancing workflow
  • Ergonomic design and simple height adjustment and easy to manoeuvre independent vertical monitor height adjustment up to 6″
  • LED keyboard light for night lighting – ideal for bedside care
  • Expansive work area with integrated forward-facing handles
  • Angle adjustable keyboard tray with up to 30º of tilt
  • Retractable keyboard and mouse trays
  • LED power status display 
  • Easy-to-reach spiral power cord
  •  Cord-free run times of 9+ hours


 The VX35 Workstation features a flexible platform that can accommodate a wide range of hardware and software solutions to meet your unique computing needs. To ensure flexibility, the Capsa VX35 supports the latest laptop, All-In-One PC, tablet and thin client models from leading healthcare IT brands. To support your mobile clinical IT software program, all Capsa Solutions computing carts provide the power and platform for optimising your software solutions of choice.

All Capsa Solutions VX Model can be configured to work with Laptops, AIO PC’S, Thin-Clients and Tablets.

Accessories & Options

Streamlined nurse workflow is assured with a full complement of convenience accessories,
organizing supplies and the data management process at the point-of-care.

* Included with every VX35 workstation

Workstation Slide Out Mouse Tray Medical Workstation LED Keyboard Light Medical Cart Accessories
*Slide Out Mouse Tray
Slide out mouse trays are available
on both sides of the keyboard tray.
*LED Keyboard Light
Easy to turn on and off from the Workstation control panel, the LED
light provides the perfect amount of keyboard illumination when working
in low-light situations.
*Independent Vertical Monitor Adjustment
Provides up to 6” of independent monitor adjustment from work
surface, up to 15° of vertical tilt,
and up to 140° of lateral pivot travel.
Medication Workstation Cart Height Adjuster Medication Cart Storage Drawers Medication Cart Storage Drawer
*Cart Height Adjustment
Simple ergonomic height adjustment controls the height of work surface
and monitor.

3 & 6 Inch Drawers
Optional 3” or 6″ locking storage
drawers provides secure storage of medications and supplies.
9 Inch Drawer
An optional 9” locking storage
drawer provides secure storage for
large items.
Medical Key Lock Laptop Tray Medical Cart Cup Holder Removable Bin Tray
Key Lock Laptop Tray
Vented tray provides additional
security by allowing the Laptop or
Thin Client to be locked inside.
Cup Holder
Cup holder stores cups used in the medication administration process.

Removable Bin Tray
It is easy to compartmentalise small items with these innovative drawer trays that can be sub-divided to meet your specific storage needs.

Medication Cart Infection Control I.V. Pole For Medication Cart Medication Cart Storage Basket
Infection Control Peripherals
Completely sealed and simple to
use, this mouse and keyboard duo
fully supports your infection control programs with ease.
I.V. Pole
The optional IV Pole is securely mounted to the cart and offers adjustable height function.
Storage Basket
Multiple sized baskets can be
mounted on back, sides, or front to provide convenient storage space.


VX35 Power System Information

Option 1 – Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery (Standard)

Featuring 12V, 50 Ah power

Extended run times

Lower initial cost

Option 2Lithium Ion Power System (Optional)
Featuring 12V, 40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) TechnologyLower Cost of Ownership: 3,000 – 5,000 cycles per battery; up to 10x longer life than SLA batteries less frequent replacement – less hassle for facility faster Recharge: 75% faster recharge than the time required for SLA batteriesLess Weight = Easier Manoeuvrability: Weighs 65% LESS than SLA battery of equal capacity environmentally Responsible: Longer cycle life means fewer battery replacements, and less waste Safe Power Providing Peace-of-Mind Proven technology provides safe and stable Li-Ion performance(specifications subject to change without notice)

powerwatch_monitor.jpgPowerWatch™ Monitoring Software

Capsa PowerWatch™ Monitoring Software gives the facility IT and clinical teams a real-time and ever-present view into the power system health of their mobile computing carts, no matter what type of battery system you choose.

Empowers your facility with the tools necessary to effectively manage the mobile computing cart fleet and minimise power system issues Supports an environment to ensure optimised cart up time extends battery life and product value by preventing deep discharge signals the computer to systematically start the Shut Down process before the battery discharges to 0%Power system use history provides insights to create recharging best practice protocols  Simply and clearly communicate with Capsa Technical Support to discuss, diagnose, or troubleshoot and power system performance issues

Power System Status View
PowerWatch Status View gauge

The PowerWatch™ Status View gives the cart user a quick view of the power
system battery status. This intuitive indicator provides key information including:

On-Screen View of power system stats illustrates the percentage of battery power remaining,
run time remaining, and time required to fully recharge system 
On-Screen Charging Indicator to clearly communicate whether the cart is recharging and
receiving power from an AC outlet 
Low Battery Status Alerts can be set to appear in either English and Spanish





VX35 Auto-Locking Drawer Security

Mobile Medical WorkstationKeeping the medical computer cart drawer contents safe and organised is key to improving safety and workflow in any clinical environment.




Choice of standard Key or Keyless access Keyless system features drawers that relock upon closing to improve security Use multiple user access codes with different access rights based on job function and authorization Override code to permit pharmacy restocking LED battery status indicator can be used in conjunction with PowerWatch on-screen display Easy-to-edit settings and simple user functionality















Point-of Care Storage Solutions

Medication Workstation Storage Drawers
4-Tier configuration illustrating 3″ drawer, 6″ drawer and secure laptop drawer

Storage Drawers

The 4-tier configurable storage area on the VX35 is defined by you. Simply design the drawer set-up that meets your storage requirements, and if the need arises, you can reconfigure the set-up quickly and easily. The VX35 Workstation offers you a choice of 3”, 6” or 9” storage drawers with either individual cam lock or keyless security systems. Depending on the hardware set-up, you can configure up to 12” of vertical drawer space as you see fit. The secure vented laptop storage tray can be located in any of the tier positions on column. Consult with your Capsa representative to custom-design the optimal storage of your VX35 Workstation. 
6-Slot Drawer Tray in 3″ drawer with
keyless locking


Drawer Organisation Trays

The VX35 Workstation offers you a choice of modular divider systems to provide segregated storage for medications and supplies. Choose from the removable 3” Drawer Tray available in 3-slot or 6-slot designs, or the individual VersaBin™ trays that offer sub-divided storage and lids.

Divided Medical Trays
Divided VersaBin™ Trays with labeling
in 3″ drawer




Mobile Computing Workstation

Product Brochures

Mobile Computing Medical Workstation LX/VX Brochure
Mobile Computing Medical Workstation PowerWatch Brochure
Mobile Computing Medical Workstation Preventative Maintenance
Mobile Computing Medical Workstation Mobile Computing Warranty


Mobile Computing Medical Workstation Video Overview


VX35 Medical Workstation

VX35 Workstation – Mobile Computer Cart Specifications

VX35 Standard Cart Specifications

Base Dimensions:  16″ x 17″
Work Surface Area:
17″ x 20″ with integrated forward-facing handles
Work Surface Height:
35.75″ – 49.25″
Workstation Height
(including Monitor):
45.7″ – 64.7″ 
Formed steel, aluminium, heavy-duty polymer work surface
Durable powder coat
​1 locking, 1 tracking, ​2 standard swivel

(specifications subject to change without notice)

Divided VersaBin™ Organisation Trays

The VX35 Mobile Computing Workstation can be configured and optimised for optimal functionality for Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities / Nursing Homes and bedside computer cart needs.












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