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Have immediate access to all the equipment you need with the circulatory access trolley. The trolley features dedicated drawers for intraosseous/ difficult access, rapid access, arterial lines, and central lines. Each drawer is clearly labelled to provide a standardised layout that enables equipment to be located at speed when time is vital. The trolley comes with a clear and visual identifier label for instant recognition in an emergency. Swiftly transport the trolley to the patient and then secure with lockable casters that deliver exceptional manoeuvrability.

The trolley can be built to your exact requirements as it is entirely modular and has a range of optional accessories to choose from. All elements are removable for thorough cleaning and all surfaces are made from HDPE polymers that can withstand regular decontamination from strong chlorine-based cleaners.

Create a sterile workspace by using the flat worktop that can expand further when the optional slide-out surface is added. Gain instant access to the trolley when using a breakaway lock and remain confident with the integrity of the contents when secured with a numbered tamper evident seal. This trolley can be used in conjunction with MyKitCheck a digital compliance check platform that warns of soon to expire items and removing the need for regular full checks.

See the full range of Emergency and Critical Care Trolleys that have been designed to standardise and speed up procedure when a rapid response is required here.


Standard Accessories

Trolley Identifier Side Sticker
Drawer Labels

Optional Accessories

Oxygen Tank Bracket
Cardiac Backboard
Sharps Bin Holder
Laerdal Suction Unit charging plate
IV Pole
4 gang electrical socket
Catheter Holder
Extendable writing surface
Glove Box Holders – single, double or triple
Defibrillator Shelf
Drawer Dividers
Resuscitation Trolley Floor Talkers
BUS STOP style locater signs

Seal your trolley with the Distinctive Medical numbered Baby Seal and simply check its number against MyKitCheck the compliance management platform.


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