VX10 Workstation Non Powered Cart

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The NEW VX10 Mobile Computer Cart Workstation

Mobile Computing WorkstationExperience the reliable performance and lightweight maneuverability of the Non-Powered VX10 Workstation from Capsa Solutions. You’ll discover a versatile computing workstation with fully-configurable storage area featuring keyless access and auto-relocking for optimal security. Choose from a wide selection of accessories to further streamline clinical workflow and health IT efficiency at the point-of-care.






Perfect for laptops, all-in-one, and other computing hardware with integrated power systems

Available Keyless Access with Auto-Relock!
Simple, proven keyless lock system features auto-relocking to keep medication and supplies secure

Lower Cost!
Reduced purchase cost maximizes capital budget without compromising software mobility or health IT program

Less Hassle!
Say goodbye to the aggravation associated with complex electronics, batteries, and power systems

Ergonomic Flexibility!
Simple ergonomic adjustment of monitor, work surface and keyboard permit comfortable use for clinicians in standing or sitting position

Improved Ease-of-Use!
Computing carts are more lightweight and maneuverable, improving clinical user experience

Fully Configurable!
Flexibility to configure with storage drawers including 3” and 6” depths for supplies, treatments, and instruments.

Workstation Accessories & Options

Streamlined nurse workflow is assured with a full complement of convenience accessories,
organizing supplies and the data management process at the point-of-care.

Slide Out Mouse Tray Medical Cart Cup Holder Medical Cart Storage Basket
Slide Out Mouse Tray
Slide out mouse trays are available
on both sides of the keyboard tray.
Cup Holder
Cup holder stores cups used in the medication administration process.
Storage Basket
Multiple sized baskets can be
mounted on back, sides, or front to provide convenient storage space.
Medical Cart Drawer Medical Cart Drawers Removable Bin Tray
3 Inch Drawers
Optional 3” locking storage
drawers provides secure storage of medications and supplies.

6 Inch Drawer
An optional 6” locking storage
drawer provides secure storage for
larger items.
Removable Bin Tray
It is easy to compartmentalize small items with these innovative drawer trays that can be sub-divided to meet your specific storage needs.

Adjustable Medical Cart Infection Control Peripherals VersaBin Tray
Cart Height Adjustment
Simple ergonomic height adjustment controls the height of work surface
and monitor.
Infection Control Peripherals
Completely sealed and simple to
use, this mouse and keyboard duo
fully supports your infection control programs with ease.

Individual VersaBin™ trays
Offer sub-divided storage with lids and labels for 3″ drawers.





Mobile Medical Cart Security

VX10 Standard Security

A barrel key is utilized to
unlock and re-lock drawers
simply and easily.

 Mobile Medical Cart Auto-Relock

Optional Keyless Access with Auto-Relock

Simply enter a reprogrammable 4-digit
access code and the cart is ready for
access. To secure the drawer, simply
push it back to its locked position.



Point-of Care Storage Solutions

4-Tier configuration illustrating 3″ drawer
6″ drawer and secure laptop drawer

Storage Drawers

The 4-tier configurable storage area on the VX10 is defined by you. Simply design the drawer set-up that meets your storage requirements, and if the need arises, you can reconfigure the set-up quickly and easily. The VX10 Workstation offers you a choice of 3”, 6” or 9” storage drawers with either individual cam lock or keyless security systems. Depending on the hardware set-up, you can configure up to 12” of vertical drawer space as you see fit. The secure vented laptop storage tray can be located in any of the tier positions on column. Consult with your Capsa representative to custom-design the optimal storage of your VX10 Workstation.
Medical Drawer Organization Trays
6-Slot Drawer Tray in 3″ drawer with
keyless locking

Drawer Organization Trays

The The VX10 Workstation offers you a choice of modular divider systems to provide segregated storage for medications and supplies. Choose from the removable 3” Drawer Tray available in 3-slot or 6-slot designs, or the individual VersaBin™ trays that offer sub-divided storage and lids. 

VersaBin Trays
Divided VersaBin™ Trays with labeling
in 3″ drawer


VX10 Standard Cart Specifications

Base Dimensions:  16″ x 17″
Work Surface Area:
17″ x 20″ with integrated forward-facing handles
Work Surface Height:
35.75″ – 49.25″
Workstation Height
(including Monitor):
45.7″ – 64.7″ 
Formed steel, aluminum, heavy-duty polymer
work surface
Durable powder coat
​1 locking, 1 tracking, ​2 standard swivel

(specifications subject to change without notice)

 Divided VersaBin Trays

The VX10 Mobile Computing Workstation can be configured and optimized for optimal functionality for Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities / Nursing Homes and bedside computer cart needs.






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Choose from a long list of accessories to fully meet your needs.

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