Tilters Supply Cart

Product SKU: 1256

  • This supply cart has a variety of Tilters – Tilt front bins for keeping a large quantity of supplies organized during transport to reduce restocking trips and supply location time.
  • The two-sided cart has one 5 bin unit, two 4 bin units, and one 3 bin unit on each side.  16 bins per side; 32 total.
  • The cart’s stow away shelf slides out to either side of the cart for paperwork or sorting supplies.  The shelf has small handles on both sides.
  • Two large metal handles on the cart top allow the cart to be pushed and pulled with ease and control.
  • The clear tilt front bins allow for easy viewing of contents so that supplies can be located quickly.
  • Tilters have wide label slots on each tilt front bin to identify the bin by patient’s name, supply name, department, etc.
  • Non-Spill bars are available for any of the Tilters to keep the bins closed to prevent supplies from spilling during transport.  Example:  going on and off of elevators.
  • Bins tilt open to a 45 degree angle.
  • Top is white fiberboard and the bottom is durable plastic.
  • Dimensions:
    25-1/8″W x 41″H x 19-1/2″D
    (638mm x 1041mm x 495mm)

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