Organizing Wall Board

Product SKU: 18800

  • Attractive wall-mounted infection protection supply organizer board allows users to arrange as many or as few components as needed to store items such as gloves, gowns, masks and hand sanitizer.
  • Organizing system keeps infection protection supplies together in a consistent location and makes restocking quick and easy. Connect multiple pegboard-style boards to expand supply storage.
  • Unit is 3/16″ White ABS plastic. Clear plastic accessories attach to the board by using nylon thumb screws. No tools are needed to attach accessories, just hand screw the thumb screws into the unit.
  • Accessories (sold separately) include Gown Holder (#18801), Glove Box Holder (18802), Mask Holder (18803), Sanitizer Holder (18804), Utility Holder (18805), Shelf with Lip (18806) and Extra Thumb Screws (18807/10 package). Two thumb screws are included with each accessory.
  • Accessories can also be specially made to your specifications. Call Customer Service for information.
  • Dimensions: 24″W x 24″H x 3/16″D

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