Narcotic Locker With Windows

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  • Narcotic Lockers provide lock and key
    security for controlled drugs in pharmacies, emergency rooms,
    psychiatric wards, and correctional facilities.  (A sheriff can
    place his gun in a locker until he/she has left the department or
  • Locker has a glass viewing window in
    the front of each compartment (allows the supervisor to look in and
    quickly view contents).  The glass is 1/4″ (6mm) thick and
    is reinforced with wire to deter theft attempts.
  • Lockers are divided into four keyed
    compartments Each compartment can be assigned to a nurse,
    pharmacist, anesthesiologist, etc.
  • Compartments have a tubular lock with
    two keys.  Each compartment is keyed differently. 
  • Locks can be placed on a master key
    system allowing a supervisor access to all compartments with one
  • 14 gauge steel construction with 12
    gauge steel doors.
  • The floor of each compartment is lined
    with removable felt to protect the stored items.
  • Lockers can be stacked vertically or
    horizontally for modular installation.
  • There are four pre-drilled holes on
    the back side, right side, and left side for mounting to most
    surfaces.  holes are 1/4″ (6mm) diameter.
  • Overall Outside Dimensions:
    20-1/2″W x 15-1/4″H x 13″D
    (521mm x 387mm x 330mm)
  • Door Opening Dimensions for Each
    8-1/2″W x 5-3/4″H 
    ( 216mm x 146mm)
  • Inside Individual Compartment
    10″W x 7-1/2″H x 12″D
    (254mm x 191mm x 305mm)

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