Medimix™ Vial Reconstitution Mixer

Product SKU: 10288

  • Speeds up the process of reconstitution, saves pharmacy staff time, and eliminates repetitive strain from manual shaking.
  • Mechanically mixes diluent with powder to reconstitute injectable drug medications.
  • Gentle rolling of vials provides smooth mixing that is ideal for reconstituting antibiotics, Oncology, IVIG, and other injectable drugs that require gentle mixing to prevent breakdown of drug molecules.
  • Mix and match vial sizes! Mixer accommodates six to eighteen vials depending on size.
  • Table top size allows it to be placed near a laminar flow hood.
  • Safe! No interference with sterility of medication.
  • Cost-effective! The less time you spend shaking vials the more time you can devote to other tasks.
  • Adjustable speed dial for 0 to 150 RPM to accommodate varying vial sizes. For most drugs the mixer operates at full speed for faster reconstitution times.
  • The only maintenance required is an occasional cleaning with a surface wipe or disinfectant spray.
  • 110V; AC power cord included

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