Foil Tamper Indicating Vial Seal

Product SKU: 7866, 7867, 7887

These foil vial seals offer flexibility when sealing a vial. This ensures there is a safe and strong moisture, particulate and bacterial barrier when appropriately applied. The foil material makes any punctures to its surface highly visible so anyone who uses the sealed vial can easily see if it has been tampered.

The foil vial seals come with an adhesive on them to allow for application before freezing or refrigeration.

These seals are available to suit 13mm, 20mm and 28mm tops, please see the product codes for each size below. See our range of vials here.

Available in a choice of colours to suit any colour coded systems such as days of the week and type of medication. Choose from blue, green, orange, red and yellow. Please let us know what colour you would like when ordering.

Available in quantities of 1100 per roll in a dispensing box.


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