Tamper Evident Bottle/Vial Seal, Keep Refrigerated/Do Not Freeze

Product SKU: 7988

  • In addition to deterring tampering and preventing double dosing and medication mix ups, these tamper evident seals are preprinted with messages to quickly identify special uses, storage conditions and warnings for contents in bags, syringes, vials and bottles.
  • The flexible foil seals are easier to use than most sealing methods. Once the seals are applied to the bottle/vial tops or bag ports they offer a reliable moisture, particulate and bacterial barrier.
  • Needle punctures in the seals are highly visible because of the foil and once the seals are removed, they wrinkle and tear so they cannot be reapplied.
  • Applying alcohol to a bottle/vial top or bag port prior to applying a seal or storing a sealed bottle or bag in a refrigerator or freezer will not affect the seal adhesive.
  • Surface remains sterile until removed from the paper backing.
  • Fits 28mm tops
  • A smart choice for compliance!
  • Available 1,000 per roll in a dispensing box.

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