Media Test Kit, High Risk

Product SKU: 17451

  • Meet regulatory standards and performance goals with pharmacy fill test kits in three sizes.
  • Comply with the Media-Fill Test Procedure standards set forth by USP <797>.
  • Comply with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations on aseptic manipulation skills, including representative sterile microbial culture transfer and fill challenges.
  • Tests document correct personal technique and effective environmental control for the preparation of compounded sterile products (CSPs).
  • Revised USP <797> regulations mandate that training programs include a hands-on demonstration and practice with actual items such as CSP containers, devices and equipment. Regulations also require the patient or caregiver practice aseptic and injection technique under the direct observation of a health professional. And, the patient or caregiver is expected to demonstrate mastery of assigned activities before being allowed to administer CSPs unsupervised by a health professional.
  • Tests available in Low, medium and high.
  • Low: test kit includes (12) 5mL vials containing test media and (3) 50mL clear vials.
  • Medium: test kit includes (3) 50mL vials containing test media, (6) 50mL empty sterile vials and (3) 10mL empty sterile vials.
  • High: test kit includes (1) 3 gram vial test media and (9) 10mL empty sterile vials.
  • Additional materials required to perform each test.
  • Media Test Kits are for a one-time, single test use only.

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