HCL Graduated Flow-Thru Cylinder Kit

Product SKU: 11552

  • Easy use one-handed action water flow valves that don’t leak, built in air venting, a removable cap and replaceable tips for effortless cleaning to greater accuracy with easy to read 2 mL increment graduations – the HCL Graduated Flow-Thru Cylinder, made of a highly durable plastic provides exceptional clarity and long product life.
  • Deliver up to 150 mL of water with one hand operation

  • Fast water flow

  • Made of PETG plastic to provide exceptional durability and clarity

  • Color coded valve to indicate valve water flow position: Red Out – Off, Blue Out – On

  • Audible click alerts position when turning water flow on and off.

  • Easy to read etched black graduations in 2 mL increments; clearly read from all sides.
  • Cylinder graduations are accurate to within

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