Black and White Pre-Printed Sterile Label

Product SKU: 16071

  • Available 20 per pouch/300 pouches per box. Ask our Customer Service Department about other box quantities of stock labels.
  • Attention hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers! Are you compliant with JCAHO’s 2004 Patient Safety Standards?
    To reduce the risk of medication errors, “All medications in the sterile field must be properly labeled”. This includes medication contained in solution bowls, medicine cups, and syringes.
  • Prevent medication errors by using these stock or special made sterile labels to properly identify all medications.
  • Easiest and most cost effective approach to labeling medications in a sterile field! Currently nurses are making their own labels with steri-strips and a marking pen or printing labels on inkjet/laser printers and sterilizing them in house. This is expensive and ink bleeds/wicks on steri-strips making the writing illegible.
  • Latex free
  • Options! Available pre-printed in color or black and white with common surgery medications, blank, or special printed. Blank are available 10 labels per pouch, pre-printed 10 or 20 per pouch, and special printed up to 20 labels per pouch.
  • Blank labels require the use of sterile marking pen.
  • Packaged in Tyvek

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