Torbal™ Pharmacy Scale with Scanner and Calibration Weight

Product SKU: 4038

  • Combination pharmacy scale and pill counter!
  • This precision 300 g capacity Class II scale is NTEP-certified as a prescription scale and is also equipped with an NTEP-approved counting feature for prescription filling.
  • Handheld bar code scanner with automatic activation simplifies counting! Scan the NDC for first time counting and database building or recall previously counted drug NDC numbers with a simple NDC scan.
  • Counts up to 90 pills per second with a database capacity that allows it to store over 3,000 NDC codes and pill weights.
  • Meets NTEP and NCWM mandated rules that allow for counting medications 30 mg and above.
  • Scanner and NDC verification feature help eliminate potential errors in prescription filling! The counting feature may be used with NDC verification, which allows you to scan and compare two NDC codes and check for a match. Usually an Rx label bar code is compared to the stock bottle bar code.
  • The scanning/counting feature is designed in the form of a short wizard which leads the user step-by-step through this simple operation, allowing the user to easily create a database, select a preferred sample size for determining average piece weights, and verify the sample weight.
  • Unique pan shield design eliminates the need for a draft shield.
  • Easy-to-level! The die-cast metal base uses a tripod support system with two adjustable legs and a bubble level indicator for quick leveling.
  • Simple calibration! The scale leads the operator through the process, whose only requirement is a single 300 g weight. Depending on the state law, the calibration feature of the scale may be required to be sealed by an NIST/NTEP official. This scale’s calibration screw can be sealed with a wire or paper seal.
  • Center of zero indicator
  • Automatic zero-setting mechanism
  • Sealed front panel
  • Two RS-232 interface serial ports
  • Print scale data! Connection to a receipt printer, thermal printer, or PC using Torbal Communication Software, prints counting transaction receipt or compounding recipe receipt. Software can be downloaded free of charge from
  • Torbal Communication Software records information sent to the PC and then the data can be saved as a text file and printed or copied and pasted into MS Word, Excel or any other software which supports text. The only requirement is that the PC must have an RS-232 serial port.
  • Compounding recipe receipt captures the date, time, and weight of the ingredients you have entered, and their total weight.
  • Counting transaction receipt captures prints date, time, NDC code of the counted drug, average pill weight, and total count. If the drug is counted for the first time, the printer will also print NEW SAMPLE.
  • Scale is available complete with calibration weight (#4038) or scale and 300 g calibration weight can be purchased individually.
  • #4038 includes scale, scanner, 300 g calibration weight, and instruction book.
  • Scale Specifications:

  • Capacity: 300 g
  • Minimum Load (Min): 0.02 g
  • Reading Unit (d): 0.001 g
  • Verification Unit (e): 0.01 g
  • Tare Range: 300 g
  • Accuracy Class: II
  • Temperature Range: +15

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