SealSafe™ Self-Sealing Pierced Bottle Adapters

Product SKU: 18761

SealSafe™ Self-Sealing Pierced Bottle Adapters

  • Prevent Contamination – Reseal quickly to provide a safe, clean and consistent seal. Helps prevent evaporation, spills and contamination.
  • Easy Conversion – Non-sterile adapters quickly and easily convert standard prescription bottles into filling devices. Compatible with most brands of oral dispensers.
  • Pierced Closure – Recommended for use with liquids slightly below, at or above the consistency of water.
  • Cap Compatible – Original child-resistant and standard caps fit over closures.
  • Material – Thermoplastic elastomer and a proprietary blend of polypropylene.
  • Quantity – 20 per package (28mm in size)

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