Topi-Click™ 35mL Metered Dispenser – Blue

Product SKU: 17562

  • Available 10 per package.
  • Distinguishable and elegant design to differentiate your topicals.
  • Easy to use for all types of patients including elderly, blind and illiterate.
  • Use to dispense volumes of up to 5mL to 35mL of topical cream/gel.
  • Each 1/4 turn of the base (one complete click) dispenses a consistent metered volume amount within +/-10%.
  • Helps improve compliance and reduce patient complaints.
  • Designed to resist accidental discharge.
  • Easier to use and fill than oral dosing syringes and does not have the intimidating appearance of a needle syringe.
  • Audible, visual and tactile click registration for user recognition.
  • Safer than tubes or jars.
  • Promotes additional prescriptions with patient “Refill” reminder line.
  • Easy to apply a label to container.
  • Domed applicator pad for application without dispensing onto hands first.
  • Made of FDA medical-grade polypropylene plastic.
  • UV block in plastic protects light sensitive topicals.
  • Disposable – can only be filled one time.
  • Clear container with Blue lid. Also available in Pink (#17894) and White (#17895).

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