Salus Transportation Cart – U Type

Product SKU: SLS-U-1160 / SLS-U-1400 / SLS-U-1640 / SLS-U-1880 / SLS-UU-1160 / SLS-UU-1400 / SLS-UU-1640 / SLS-UU-1880 / SLS-UUU-1640

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The Salus Transportation Cart – U Type is lightweight and durable and is ideal for moving medical supplies around hospital sites. The carts combine high-quality anodised aluminium, nylon – aluminium rails and ABS baskets. Easily cleaned and disinfected. The trolley is available in Single, Double and Triple Column versions.

Please see the Salus E Type if a cart with a wider footprint is required.

• Lightweight

• Easy to clean

• Easy to assemble

• Will not rust

• Pain will not chip or peel

Please note ISO modules, support rails and handles are ordered separately.

Optional Accessories for the Salus Transportation Cart – U Type
• Salus Vertical Push Handle
• Salus Horizontal Push Handle
• Salus Pair Narrow (U) Rails
• “Click In” Wheels – 50pcs option for smoother basket sliding
• Rail Cover – for use with stainless steel modules


Single – U

SizeHeight (cm)Depth (cm)Width (cm)

Double – UU

SizeHeight (cm)Depth (cm)Width (cm)

Triple – UUU

SizeHeight (cm)Depth (cm)Width (cm)


High – 12 x 10cm OR 6 x 20cm ABS baskets

Tall – 10 x 10cm OR 5 x 20cm ABS baskets

Medium – 8 x 10cm OR 4 x 20cm ABS baskets

Low – 6 x 10cm OR 3 x 20cm ABS baskets

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