Promed Bag

Product SKU: 15191

  • Ample room for organizing and carrying
    supplies in this lightweight bag.
  • Large capacity, outer pocket.
  • One half of the case contains four
    removable vinyl cases (2 small square and 2 large rectangular) plus
    safe storage for one oxygen bottle.
  • The other half features a solid
    integrated plastic insert with adjustable compartments.
  • Two
    separate ampule trays hold 74 ampules on the cover plate which
    automatically lifts when opening the case.
  • Each ampule tray can accommodate two
    10cc six 5cc and twenty-nine 1-2cc ampules.
  • Eliminate the discomfort of carrying the bag by hand by using the removable, cushioned shoulder straps included with this bag.
  • 2 zipper closure

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