Presaturated Sterile Cleaning Pads for EasyReach™ Cleaning Tool

Product SKU: 18276

  • Designed for use with the EasyReach™ Cleaning Tool (#18273), these disposable cleaning pads have a specially designed tab for quick, easy fitting to the 7″ mophead frame using gloved hands.
  • The well-fitted quilted polyester pad ensures effective, even surface coverage reducing the number of viable and non-viable contaminants and ensuring maximum residue removal.
  • Pads are also available in regular and sterile.
  • Double bagged, laundered, validated sterile, single-use cleaning pads ensure no burden is added to the critical environment.
  • Presaturated Cleaning Pads eliminate the need for 70% IPA spray, minimizing transfer of materials and simplifying cleaning procedures.
  • 64 pads per case.

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