Pharmacy Carrier


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Product Information

  • Tamper evident lockable bag for pharmacy use
  • 330 denier PVC coated polyester
  • Can be reused up to 2000 times

The pharmacy carrier is a lockable bag that comes in green with the message ‘return to the pharmacy department’ printed on the front. This bag has been given a durability rating of heavy duty and can be used an estimated 2000 times. This pharmacy carrier also comes with handles for ease of use.

The inside of the bag is padded and has inserts for the safe storage of drugs. This secures the items from unnecessary breakages and spillages of its contents.

Making the bag tamper resistant is simple, all you have to do is pull the zip across to the yellow modular chamber and slot the zip in. Then add a PS2 or PS4 Envopolyseal to secure. Using these tags works in adherence to the Caldicott Report. A broken seal indicates there has been unauthorised access to the bag and that its contents could have been tampered with. The seals are numbered so can provide an audit trail.

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