Personal Protection Belt

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  • The belt will help comply with CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendations for hand hygiene and comply with JCAHO’s Patient Safety Goal 7a.
  • Handwashing is the single most important technique in preventing nosocomial infections; (inhibits spread of pathogens from patient to patient, patient to staff, staff to patient, staff to staff, and patient and staff to fomites).
  • Protect yourself, co-workers, and patients from germs that lead to sickness!
  • Belt features removable pockets, holsters, and pouches to keep personal protection supplies available for on the spot use.
  • Focuses on two critical infection control procedures: handwashing and surface disinfection.
  • Belt holds product that demonstrates basic infection control concepts.
  • Eliminates trips to the supply station or restroom for supplies and routine handwashing.
  • In-sight in-mind! Belt convenience means greater compliance.
  • Helps prevent cross contamination
  • Hook and loop pocket/pouch accessories attach by wrapping over the belt, allowing them to slide easily to different positions and be removed for filling.
  • Included Belt Components:
    1. ID Pouch – Clear view front keeps employee’s ID easily visible.
    2. Medium Holster – Holds medium size bottles of lotions or hand sanitizers. HCL’s #17030 GelRite™ Antiseptic Handwash fits into this holster.
    3. Small Holster – Holds smaller size bottles of lotions, hand sanitizers, and surface cleaners. HCL’s #17032 Hand-E-Foam™ Hand Sanitizer and #7265 Cavicide Cleaner fits into this holster.
    4. Pen Holder Pouch – Holds up to three standard size ink pens.
    5. Horizontal Pocket with Fold Over Flap – Ideal for a pocket size package of tissues or individual packets of hand or surface wipes. HCL’s #12652 Eco-Tru

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