One-Third Size Coloured Crash Cart Box

Product SKU: 3150

  • These condensed size boxes are ideal for crash cart supplies yet versatile enough to be used for procedure kits, emergency kits, insulin storage, high alert med storage, and more.
  • Three boxes side by side are the equivalent of a full size crash cart box! Instead of opening one full size box where all supplies are accessible use the one third size to provide control and limit access to all.
  • Built-in handle allows boxes to be accessed easily in cart or carried to and from supply areas or alternate care sites.
  • Boxes are available in colour for coding by department, medication, age group, supplies, floors, units, etc.
  • Keep life saving supplies standardised and organised for quick and easy identification and access to medication.
  • Amber or Clear slide-in lids are available with the boxes or individually.
  • Lids can be ordered separately from the box, which allows you to make the conversion to amber lids at a minimal expense.
  • Holes on boxes allow security seals to be used for control and documentation.
  • Dividers provide greater organisation and accessibility of supplies. Sold separately.
  • Adaptable – these crash cart boxes fit most crash carts.
  • Available in Blue, Red & White, . Specify colour when ordering.
  • Overall Outside Dimensions:
    7-1/4″W x 2-5/8″H x 15-1/2″D (184mm x 67mm x 394mm)

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