Locking 2 Key Storage Box

Product SKU: 10430

  • The Locking 2 Key Storage Box holds 2 keys.
  • These key storage boxes mount to walls and other
    flat surfaces to keep keys locked, but available for proper
    personnel to access by a pushbutton combination.
  • Easy to install. Hardware included.
  • The uses for these boxes are limitless.  Mount
    a box outside of a pharmacy or at a nursing station to provide keys
    for after hours access to medications or place a box outside of a
    patient’s home so that the Home Health or Hospice nurse can enter
    without disturbing the patient.
  • Locking Key Storage Boxes help eliminate the need
    to carry a big rig of keys that are hard to manage and often lost.
  • The pushbutton combination is easily set and reset
    by the simple turning of buttons on the backside of the pushbuttons,
    located inside the boxes.
  • Locking Key Storage Boxes function without
    electricity or batteries.  Keys can still be accessed if
    electricity goes out.
  • Outside Dimensions:  2-1/4″W x
    4-1/2″H x 1-1/2″D (57mm x 114mm x 38mm).

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