IV Room Set Up Table

Product SKU: 5275-01

  • Sanitary work station and supply area for preparing IV’s, restocking IV therapy trays, packaging supplies, and performing liquid dosing procedures.
  • Solid stainless steel table top is a large durable surface able to hold heavy and large supplies.
  • Wire shelf can be organized with dividers to border supplies and separate different types or sizes. Six (8″H) dividers are included.
  • 3 sided base frame adds stability.
  • Assembly required.
  • Table sits on four foot plates that thread into the bottom of the posts to provide greater stability. The plates have 3 pre-drilled holes that allow the table to be bolted to the floor.
  • Posts, wire shelf, dividers, and frame are all made of carbon steel with a bright zinc finish.
  • Posts have mounting notches in 1″ (25mm) increments up to 41″ (1041mm). Notches permit the shelf to be adjusted from top to bottom.
  • Stainless Steel Table Top and wire shelf have a weight capacity of approximately 400 lb. (181 kg.).
  • Includes: (1) 24″L x 48″W (610mm x 1219mm) Stainless Steel Table Top, (1) 24″L x 48″W (610mm x 1219mm) Wire Shelf, (4) 40″H (1016mm) Posts, (1) 3 Sided Frame, (6) 24″L x 8″H (610mm x 203mm) Dividers and (4) Foot Plates. Post inserts are included for assembly.
  • Overall Outside Dimensions:
    48″W x 41″H x 24″D
    (1219mm x 1041mm x 610mm)

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