IV Pole Securing System

Product SKU: 18664

  • IV Pole Securing System includes a stainless steel clamp, with combination padlock and cable, that attaches to the IV pole and can be tethered to a fixed location such as the wall, bed or cabinet, where the second combination padlock locks the cable to the eyelet on the adhesive-backed pad. Results are a secured IV pole. Also helps prevent the accidental disconnection of IV lines.
  • Before affixing the adhesive-backed pad, be sure the surface is clean and dry. The adhesive on the pad is very aggressive and makes it extremely difficult to remove. Consider the placement to be a permanent location.
  • Two three-digit chrome combination padlocks are included. It is very easy to change the combination for control and security purposes. Additional combination padlocks are also available (#1362).
  • Cable is 2 feet in length. (Custom Cable lengths can be ordered for a small charge and shipped within five working days.)
  • Padlocks can be custom engraved with a number, name or other information. Pharmacy personnel can track each custom engraved padlock and its combination with a spreadsheet. They can then send out a unique combination when new meds are delivered. Only authorized personnel who have been given the combination by the pharmacy staff via phone, email, voicemail or text can remove the pole. Call Customer Service for more information on the lock custom engraving.

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