Portable IV Pole, Large

Product SKU: 1575-01

  • An alternative site IV pole fits the needs of both
    nurses and their patients with low cost and high durability – now
    patients can carry their infusion platform with them wherever they
  • Portable, lightweight, and collapsible for patients
    receiving short duration/low-volume gravity fed infusions ( up to
    500cc ).
  • As many home infusion patients can attest to,
    improvising gravity infusions with such items as coat hangers, door
    knobs, light fixtures or even nails in the wall are neither
    convenient for patient mobility or in line with what is expected
    from the medical profession.
  • The Large IV Pole has an innovative tripod design,
    allowing it to be used on any floor or table top.
  • Patients can infuse anywhere, without improvising
    and without a hard-to-roll IV pole.
  • Easy to assemble (in 15 seconds).
  • Extended height: 74″ (1,880mm)
    Collapsible height: 28″ (711mm)
    Weight: 2 lbs. (1 kg)

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