Wall Mounted Surgical Tape Dispenser

Product SKU: 12725

  • Conveniently stores rolls of surgical tape in a designated area on the wall so tape is accessible where and when it’s most needed.
  • Promotes infection prevention! Keeps tape clean and free from dirt and dust and keeps caregivers from hanging tape from IV poles, beds, laying on overbed tables, on cart tops and more.
  • Helps contain costs by decreasing waste! Each time tape disappears, a new roll must be retrieved from the supply room. This is not only waste of expensive tape but a waste of staff time to run to the supply room.
  • Molded cutting edge allows easy one-handed tape cutting. As each tape is advanced and cut, a new length is stretched ready to be torn.
  • Two-tier design holds various configurations of 1″, 2″ and 3″W tape.
  • Made of plastic. Easy to wipe clean with surface disinfectants or alcohol wipes.
  • Predrilled holes for easy mounting. Hardware is not included.
  • Dispenser Overall Dimensions: 5-5/16″W x 8-5/16″H x 3-3/8″D (135mm 211mm x 86mm)

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