Twin Red Tote Seals, Numbered, 7 inch

Product SKU: 17472

  • The Twin Red 7″ Tote Seals (178mm) are a fixed-length security seal designed specifically to secure tote boxes used to transport merchandise from one location to another.
  • Because totes require two seals to be properly secured, the Twin Tote Seal is always manufactured in sequential “twin” sets with identical numbers.
  • Durable, all-plastic, one-piece construction.
  • Patented tamper-resistant locking mechanism and design.
  • Thin, flat sealing strap designed to fit most totes.
  • Average breaking strength – 45 lb.
  • Printable area – Seals can be written on with a permanent marker to identify contents, date, time, initials, etc.
  • Numbering – Consecutively numbered
  • Quantity – 200 per package
  • Total length of seal – 7″ (178mm)
  • Length of seal tail only – 5″ (129mm)
  • Tools needed for removal – Scissors or Safety Blade
  • Seals are not autoclavable
  • Available in Red

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