The Ultimate Pill Crusher

Product SKU: 17120

  • Designed to ease the task of tablet crushing.
  • No tapping or pounding! The ergonomic handle and spring and twist crushing design require only a gentle push of the handle to simultaneously crush and grind, therefore reducing wrist and hand injuries from existing crushing methods.
  • The lower anvil slightly twists while being pressed (spring motion) to effectively crush tablets.
  • Requires very little hand and wrist movement
  • Spring design absorbs shock and vibration during the crushing of tablets.
  • Crusher anvils are grooved to keep cups in place during crushing.
  • The absence of traditional tapping and pounding makes it quiet and ideal for use during late night and early morning shifts.
  • Greatly reduces cross-contamination! Uses one 1/2 oz. (15 mL) cup to hold the tablet (s) and another to cover so that medication never touches the crusher. Use 7365 1/2 oz. Plastic Crush Cups.
  • A pre-drilled hole in the crusher base permits mounting to a cart, counter, or nurses station.
  • Skid tape on the bottom of base helps prevent sliding and marring of surfaces.
  • Lightweight and durable. Made from purple anodised, non-corrosive aluminium.
  • Overall Dimensions: 250mm x 105mm x 141mm

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