Sterile, Tamper-Evident Luer Lock Caps

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Our range of sterile, tamper-evident, luer lock caps is ideal for compounding pharmacies that prepare common or emergency drugs in advance of use.

Available in a range of colours that perfectly correspond with drug label colours as approved by the AAGBI and other leading organisations. Using both a colour coded, luer lock cap and a drug label helps to minimise the risk of human error and mis-administration.

Our luer lock caps are tamper evident. The plastic cap around the seal will break away from the syringe when an attempt has been made to remove the seal; this cannot then be reapplied. When the outer seal has been removed, the syringe remains sealed and sterile until the luer lock seal has been removed.

Order Codes

ColourQuantityOrder Code
Orange100 unitsTEC-O
Blue100 unitsTEC-B
Yellow100 unitsTEC-Y
Red100 unitsTEC-R
Salmon100 unitsTEC-S
White100 unitsTEC-W
Violet100 unitsTEC-V
Grey100 unitsTEC-G
Green100 unitsTEC-GN

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