Stainless Steel Narcotic Cabinet

Product SKU: 8220

  • The hygienic and easy to clean stainless steel
    construction of this cabinet supports clean storage conditions for
    O.R.’s, E.R.’s, nursing units, pharmacies, etc.  while the
    durability provides a long life of secure and controlled storage for
    controlled substances.
  • The stainless steel is polished and smooth for a
    neat appearance.
  • The outer doors on double door cabinets have triple
    bolt tubular locks.  Triple bolt locks secure the top, bottom,
    and side ( opposite the hinge ) of the door for extra security and
  • The top and bottom of the cabinets are the same
    shape, size, and smoothness so that the cabinet can be flipped to
    use the door hinged left or hinged right to meet your specific
  • These double door cabinets have a double lock,
    keyed different system that allows for a two person security
    system.  This system helps maintain a high level of security
    because two people are responsible for the keys, each unlocking a
    separate lock.
  • The tubular lock design is virtually pickproof for
    added protection against tampering.
  • The inner door cam lock has a flat key for
    distinguishing it from the outer door’s tubular key.
  • Cabinets easily mount to walls or floors and are
    suitable for ambulance use.  Cabinet backs have pre-drilled
    mounting holes.
  • Cabinets meets NY State Schedule 2 Drug Storage
    Requirements.  They comply with the Dept.  of Justice Drug
    Enforcement and Joint Commission requirements.
  • 22 gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Piano door hinges.
  • Each lock comes with three keys.
  • Cabinet Dimensions:
    11″W x 15″H x 4″D (279mm x 381mm x 102mm) comes with 2 adjustable and removable
    aluminum shelves.
  • The shelves can be adjusted in 3/8″ (10mm)
    increments in 10 different positions.  

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