Shelf Tray with Dividers, Large

Product SKU: 18647

  • Increase small product storage by 30% or more and watch your productivity soar! Shelf Trays help create neat, organized work zones for quick, accurate product placement and retrieval every time. Adjustable dividers allow users to organize trays to meet their unique needs so there’s less time wasted searching for the right supplies.
  • Lightweight, portable trays can be used anywhere! Use them to keep small supplies segregated in cabinets, on shelving, in cart drawers and on countertops. Don’t want prefilled vials mingling with boxed meds? Just insert dividers in the desired slots and the two will stay separated for as long as you like. Ready to make a change? Just move the dividers to accommodate the new products.
  • Trays are stackable to help you take advantage of vertical space and maximize small supply organization.
  • Handle grips make it easy to slide trays in and out of their assigned location and make transportation practically effortless.
  • Durable, Clear 3⁄16″ acrylic Shelf Trays and 1⁄8″ Dividers keep products visible for at-a-glance content checks. Each tray comes with two short and two long dividers. Multiple divided sections are possible with additional dividers (sold separately), which include two short and two long per set.
  • Large tray holds up to 21 horizontal and 15 vertical dividers to create a maximum of 352 sections when fully divided.
    Small tray also available (#18645). Small tray holds up to 15 horizontal and 11 vertical dividers to create a maximum of 192 sections when fully divided.

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