SAM eps Portable Suction unit

Product SKU: SAM EPS/01070101

MULTI-POWERED PORTABLE SUCTION UNIT The SAM e.p.s portable suction unit offers a newbenchmark in battery operated suction equipment. The lightweight unit is ideal for use by emergency services and incorporates many new features including high performance low energy pump, fast suction build up, onboard lighting and unique rotating bottle system which allows for the unit to be laid flat in difficult terrain. The unit is fitted with an internal charger and provides reliable performance both in and outside the hospital environment giving up to 120 minutes of full power continuous use between charges and in excess of 10 hours at lower suction levels. The SAM e.p.s. unit has been specifically designed following consultations with doctors, paramedics and medical staff. The unit is suitable for use in ambulances, generalhospital wards, critical care units, clinics and out in the community. The unit is supplied with the SERRES disposable liner system, disposable hydrophobic and anti-bacterial filter and disposable catheter and tubing. It can also be supplied / fitted with most disposable liner systems if required Multi powered internal power pack 12 – 28 V DC ± 10% and 100 – 230 ± 10% V AC 50/60Hz. Noise Level –46dB at max, <30dB at min. The unit has on board storage for Catheters and suction tubing. *** Please note the Flexible Cover (MSP1431) is not included in the SAM e.p.s. price and is additional accessory ***

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