Robot Envelope Transfer Tote With Lid

Product SKU: 5223

  • Allows secure transfer of robot medication envelopes from the pharmacy to the floor and between facilities.
  • Insert up to nine removable dividers to keep envelopes upright so labels are easy to read, pick and scan.
  • Safe and convenient method of replenishing automated dispensing cabinets.
  • Envelopes are organized to decrease the risk of grabbing the wrong medication envelope.
  • Removable snap-on lid can be secured with security seals. Seals provide tamper deterrence and allow tampering to be detected on totes that have been unattended or transported.
  • White tote and lid are made of high impact polystyrene.
  • Clear Acrylic dividers are available nine per set (#5224). Dividers are not included with tote.
  • Tote Dimensions: 30″L x 13-7/8″W x 10-1/4″H (762mm x 352mm x 260mm)

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