Reclosable Bags – Clear Single Track (various sizes)

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Reclosable Bags – Clear Single Track (various sizes)

  • 2 mil thick.
  • When you see the Red Lineā„¢ in the resealable top of a Reclosable Bag, you will know your products are packaged in THE bag that started premium zip-top packaging.
  • Can be used to package, dispense, and/or store most any small product.
Product CodeSize
750150mm x 50mm
750450mm x 76mm
750750mm x 152mm
751150mm x 203mm
751376mm x 76mm
751676mm x 101mm
751976mm x 127mm
752176mm x 304mm
7522101mm x 101mm
7525101mm x 152mm
7528101mm x 203mm
7591127mm x 177mm
7527127mm x 203mm
7523 152mm x 101mm
7530152mm x 152mm
7593152mm x 203mm
7594152mm x 228mm
7529152mm x 254mm
7595203mm x 203mm
7596203mm x 254mm
7531228mm x 304mm
7597254mm x 330mm
7598304mm x 304mm
7599304mm x 381mm

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